Do you wish to experience holistic healing?

Are you looking to achieve optimal health and wellness?

Then turn to Dr. Rose Gonzales-Mugaburu. 

Holistic healing therapies work by activating a person’s self-healing power, instead of relying on an external source. This is where Dr. Gonzales-Mugaburu comes in. Using different modalities, from Reiki to psychic reading, she conducts natural healing sessions on humans as well as on animals. 

A Message From Rose

A general dentist by profession, I am also a psychic medium healer and an animal communicator. The ‘psychic’ in my title pertains to my work with the soul, while ‘medium’ means a way to communicate with spirits. As a healer, I serve as a conduit with the help of the Divine, providing the means for people to heal themselves.

As spirit, we are all part of Oneness. It is part of our journey as human experiences here on Earth to remember who we are as spirit and that we are all connected. We need to respect everything and everyone albeit: human, animal, plant, rock, insect, etc. Everything is energy, we were all created by God from God, therefore we are all sacred beings.

Get in touch with me today to schedule an appointment. I work with English and Spanish-speaking clients worldwide.

Natural Wellness Products

In addition to being a holistic healer, Dr. Gonzales-Mugaburu is a distributor of Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nikken products. 

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