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Professional Psychic Medium Healer


My passion and purpose in life is to facilitate the self-healing process of my clients by healing, teaching, guiding and supporting them on the journey to their soul’s path and purpose and to support them in finding their passion, what truly drives them to consciously find freedom and happiness in an all around magnificent state of well being.


Dr. Rose Gonzales-MugaburuI am a practicing general dentist since 1989. I have my MBA and BS in Biology. I was born in Peru and lived there until I was 10 years old.  I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish. I started my spiritual journey in 2007. I have experience, training and certifications in a variety of energy modalities. All these different tools provide me the guidance to choose the best method of healing for the person or animal; for their best and highest good.

I am blessed and grateful for all the Divine healing energies that run through my channels. They allow me to assist people with their healing process and personal journey. I feel blessed to have the guidance and help from Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Ariel), Angels, Spirit Animals, Ancestors, Ascended Masters and Dimensional Beings. Some people call this a gift, I am grateful for having the intuitive ability to listen to guidance and be open to all possibilities.

I use the following healing energies: Reiki, Tibetan, Bali & Philippine healing energies, multi-dimensional transformation energies from healing masters, Mother Earth and Spirit Animal.  The healing energy just flows through my hands as much as the individual person or animal needs.  I am the vehicle that the Divine Source uses to help the person or animal heal. I also use essential oils, crystals and incense as aids in each session.

I connect with my clients on a deeper level because I have also experienced readings & healings first hand as a major part of my teachings. This has been part of my personal healing journey, having become a clear channel by allowing more of my spirit to come into my body. We owe the people and animals we are working with the gift of a clear and centered healer. My purpose is to help people and animals raise their vibration and frequency resulting in enlightenment and freedom.

We are all part of Oneness in spirit, therefore we are all connected in this realm. Lack of respect for anything living or elemental, is lack of respect for ourselves and Mother Earth. When there is lack of respect there is a disconnect that occurs in Oneness and the chain is broken. If we all strive to bring more of our spirit into our human experience we become more connected to Oneness and can spread the love that the Divine has and is inherently within us. God created us in his/her image therefore we are all God/Goddess.

Part of our soul’s journey is to remember who we are as spirit and to live in that light, grace and love; no matter whether you are from here, 4th or 5th dimension or beyond. By becoming and bringing in more love and light into our hearts and embodying it, we become that love and light and can spread it just by being.  It is part of our journey as human experiences here on Earth to remember who we are as spirit and that we are all connected.

Training & Certifications

  • Reiki Master (both Usui (Japan) and Tibetan Master attunements)
  • Advanced Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery Program—Intuitive Mind Program and Ancient Mystery School Teachings
  • SASA (Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy)
  • Advanced Animal Communication
  • Healing Touch For Animals
  • Shamanic training through Four Winds

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