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What are chakras?

Chakras are rotating energy centers appearing as funnel shaped structures present within each one of us, they help regulate all human body processes from organ & immune system functions to our emotional state of mind. They are located in front (“emotional” side) & back (“will” side) of the spinal cord in the center of the body. There are 7 main ones, each with it’s own vibrational frequency. Each one holding and providing information about:

  • Root: safety and survival,
  • Sacral: emotions, creativity and sexuality,
  • Solar Plexus: will, social self and owning your own power,
  • Heart: compassion, love and integration for yourself and others
  • Throat:  personal truth, etheric expression of your truth,
  • 3rd Eye:  intuition, inspiration, clarity about your life and purpose.
  • Crown: wisdom, transcendence, purpose in life, spiritual connection 
What is an aura?

An aura is your energy field or light body that surrounds your physical self, there are 7 main layers each corresponding to the 7  main chakras. Through life experiences-present or past-the energy flow can become stagnant or blocked by emotions, belief systems, attachments, limiting thoughts, etc. Having a clear, healthy auric field will support and allow for greater emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness as a whole. 

Do animals have chakras and auras?

Yes, ALL animals, birds, insects, fish, anything in nature have auras. They only differ in the location of some of them as opposed  to humans. They also extend from the front to the back of body.

What can I expect after an intuitive reading & healing?

This varies from person to person. The MOST  important thing to keep in mind always is to  drink plenty of water—a pint/50 pounds of body weight /day, get plenty of rest and eat healthy.  This helps keep your lymphatic system clear making it easier for your body to raise its vibration as it releases and shifts old outdated information. The symptoms can range from emotional to physical changes in the body. Everyone is different as to how they release and shift energy as they raise their vibration.  Know that you have my support always during this part of your journey.

How can essential oils help me or my animals?

Therapeutic Essential Oils help support the immune system, organs and the physical body as a whole by promoting self healing and maintaining overall wellness. Essential Oils help with relaxation, pain (physical or emotional), deeper connection to the God of your heart as you release old, outdated information and allow more of your spirit to enter your energetic field after an Energy Healing session. Animals are great at releasing old outdated information albeit, emotional or physical. Their aura is so expansive and beautiful. Once it’s released it’s gone and they move on.

How are Young Living supplements than any other ones?

PURITY & TRUST in the Seed to Seal process. These are pure therapeutic grade essential oils & products, that can be used by application, inhalation or ingestion. The  Young Living Company is completely dedicated to providing pure Grade A Therapeutic Oils. From carefully choosing their virgin soil farms throughout the world, using organic seeds, watering with spring water, studying the airflow to avoid chemical pollution, monitoring the oils from planting-to harvest-to distillation-to packaging they assure the purity and quality of their oils.

Explain the difference between Spirit and human experience?

Spirit is basically your soul, your light body, your essence, who you truly are in the  collective we call Oneness or Divine. Human experience is your present body or physical vessel that you are in now & how through life lessons (pain, sorrow, illness, joy) you remember who you are as spirit.  As stated beautifully by Albert Einstein, “We are all spirit having a human experience”.

What is grounding and being centered in your body?

Grounding is your own life force anchored securely to the center of Gaia (Mother Earth)  and being fully present each day at every moment. Being centered in your body is being grounded to allow more of your spirit to come into your body and observe your world from a neutral observer point of view. The more you meditate and remain grounded and centered in your body, the easier it becomes to be fully present. When fully grounded your body feels safe and allows your  own inner guidance or spiritual self to help you make wise decisions. There is a feeling of safety as your body and spirit work together in the present moment.

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