Clairvoyant Aura Reading and Healing (ARH)—1-1 1/4 hours

ARH is a very comprehensive, in depth reading & healing of your energy field at this present moment.  Sacred space is established, a prayer is invoked for Divine help, guidance and clarity.  A Rose reading & healing (RRH) is done to establish grounding and flow of energy in your field & 2 Past Life Readings are done where 2 past life (as metaphors) lessons you are working on, you are being influenced by and learning from are cleared prior to the ARH.

This is an in depth look at how presently you are functioning as spirit in every part of your life: survival, emotions, personal power, love, communication, clear seeing, and spiritual. Each chakra has a corresponding layer in your auric field. Intuitively reading each layer by obtaining a color and a symbol, information is intuitively gathered to gain clarity as to how well your energy is flowing or what blockages are hindering you from achieving your highest potential. Healing is achieved by clearing symbols or stagnant energy that show up during the reading.  Everything is done with your permission & Divine guidance. The intention is set at the very beginning of the reading for the healing to occur with ease and effortlessness in balance and harmony of the Universe.