Spirit Attachment/ Foreign Energy Clearing – $125

Spirit attachments or ghosts are bound to your energy field; they did not cross over after their passing.  Spirit Attachments remain for a variety of reasons: they are unaware they have passed usually due to a traumatic death, or they are trying to help you as in a parent trying to help a child. They do not realize by attaching themselves to you they are draining your energy and are interfering with your path and purpose in this lifetime.  Foreign energy, dark spirits or dark entity attachments are beings that cause chaos, lack of focus, self doubt, judgment and criticism. They come from dark realms whose main purpose is to extinguish the light and and block raising your vibration.

Sacred Space and protection is set, asking for Divine Guidance and help so the spirit feels safe during the crossing over process. Sometimes in both cases intuitive communication and messages for loved ones are relayed. There is always a sense of gratitude, love and peace after the crossing over. The person the spirit was attached to feels lighter; the pressure felt in the back of the neck and shoulders is gone.