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Prior to seeing Rose, I struggled with a lot of inner demons.

After my consistent sessions with her I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and since then looking back I know she was the reason to me shifting spiritually and mentally.

Thanks Rose you’re the best!

Anthony J.

When I started having Dr. Rose do energy healings on me I was given a lot of insight on a career choice I was struggling with. She had no idea she gave me the answers I was looking for.

I have been growing spiritually, mentally and financially thanks to Dr. Rose.

She’s awesome!

Donell T.

Rose and energy healing have provided me with a much needed relief from my struggle with anxiety. I feel I can handle stressful situations better. Now I am more relaxed and centered. Rose also helped me with my rescue horse. He was starved, abused and had very little trust in people. After the first session he was more calm and trusting with me. He has definitely recovered faster because of healing touch.

Rose has a true gift for healing touch for animals and energy healing for people.

Melody J.

Dr. Gonzales did a chair healing on me and I had no idea what to expect. She explained everything to me before hand in detail but I was still wondering: was I going to feel anything or was this just something that she said was done. I’m a pretty open minded  person and I followed the directions as she directed me.

To my surprise I could actually feel the transfer of energy. That’s right, the transfer of her energy to me and she never even touch me!.

I could feel as she went to each chakra—the energy transfer. By the end of the session I definitely felt more relaxed and at peace. I would highly recommend anyone to try a chair healing!

Jessica G.

My experience with Rose has no words to describe.  I was feeling frightened…angry and agitated through out the days. I had a lot of worries 
and I began to experience some sort of “ghostly’ encounters, one for example, my bed would shake as if a earthquake was happening and wake me from my sleep. A friend of mine sent me to Rose and at first I was very hesitant… I didn’t believe it at all, but I agreed and said sure what is the worst that could happen?!

A few days later I got the phone call that changed my life!

My jaw dropped and my skin raised with chill bumps …how did this woman know so much of my past… so much of how i have been feeling…how i have been acting…how did she know all this based off of my energy with out even seeing me??!

Till this day i will never know but i know that i am a believer. I AM a strong believer in God, and I believe in prayer, and i also believe God has given her this talent to help! Ever since Rose has worked her magic, I have felt better… I have more energy and my mindset has became more open and loving and clearer.

Brittany Z.

I was very pleased with my healing from Rose. I have been carrying the weight of people trying to hurt me around for quite some time now. When Rose first met me she was able to see the demonic forces that were surrounding me. I have always been a good person and have been told I have a light within me that many people want to steal. I have been attacked by soooooo many people and never been able to truly be protected from them. Rose asked if she could help me spiritually to remove some of the demonic things that were tearing me down. I of course accepted.

I have had hands laid on me, I have seen root doctors, and spoke to several preachers to try to remove what I knew was trying to kill me. They were all unsuccessful. Rose did her healing on me and shifted all negative energy away from me. Rose gave me specific directions on keeping the negativity out of my daily lifestyle. I have abidded by her direction, and can totally see a tremendous difference in my life.

For the first time in over 15yrs I am free.

I struggled with health issues and since my healing I have not been sick with the auto immune disorders issues that normally get the best of me.  I am so thankful that God sent her into my life and she has truly made my life much healthier and peaceful.

Ko-Kema W.

Dr. Rose’s chair healing was an amazing experience for me!  During the healing she discovered that I had a past life attachment to my grounding and described it to me in detail.  I was able to relate a lot of myself to this past life and I’m so thankful for the clearing of it in addition to the grounding. Dr. Rose also focused on healing a skin problem that was not healing well on it’s own, even with some natural remedies.  The day after the healing session the skin problem was nearly gone and is now almost completely gone.  Super elated!!!

Rose has been given a real gift in her abilities to heal…and I am so thankful to the Universe for leading me to her.

Amy T.

Dr. Rose is very in tune with her special gift. 

I met her through a friend and after my second time spending time with her she was able to tell me about my present, ancestral history and past life with extreme accuracy.  Dr. Rose was able to help me connect the dots about why my spiritual energy was out of balance.

Thanks Dr. Rose!

Patricia F.

Approximately six years ago I had an accident and a series of bad luck.

Dr. Gonzales offered to do a chair healing along with grounding my home. I’ve always been an open minded person and decided why not? Keep in mind my face was bruised and swollen badly at the time. Well, less then 24 hours after my chair healing my bruises started to fade and the swelling had gone down drastically! While at my house Dr Gonzales asked if my bad luck had started recently. I thought for a second a realized, yes it had. As a matter of fact it started one year previously when I moved into my home. She then stated she felt a negative spirit/vibe in my home. Then she proceeded to ground my home.

After Dr Gonzales finished my luck turned around and my series of unfortunate events stopped. I’ve also witnessed first hand her heal other people. She is a very calm, spiritual and peaceful lady. She only has good intentions and only wants positive outcomes for everyone. Dr Gonzales is not only amazing with people, but is an avid animal lover, as well! I would highly recommend her for healing!

M. Mackey

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